Frustrating Droid Planner Issues

I have a couple of issues that involve droid planner that I can't figure out.

1) before launching I clear the old way points. All I want to do is use the telemetry to keep track of the Iris in flight. Upon launch, as soon as it gets to about 10' the pad is reloaded with the previous mission and the voice says so . Understand that I am flying by hand and am in either STD or LTR mode. The Iris doesn't actually fly the plan unless I switch to AUTO mode, and I am getting the track of the bird in flight. Whats irritating is the I also have the track from the previous mission overlaid on the real time one. I don't understand why delete is not deleting?

2) When I am actually using Droid Planner for an autonomous flight, the Iris will rise to the takeoff altitude and then briefly  gyrate violently for a second or two before heading off on the mission. After that everything is fine. Any thoughts here? I have recently purchase a gimbal to mount my GoPro on and am afraid of getting it torn up when this happens....which is always.

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  • I have the same problem with the app tower.

  • Hi Harry, a couple things I can help with..

    - make sure you are using TOWER, not Droid Planner, which was renamed at the last version (3.0). It requires an additional mini app called 3DR Services.

    - to delete a mission from the bird you need to delete them in Tower as you describe, then Send the empty flight plan to Iris. To be sure it's cleared, ah Tower to read the waypoints from Iris and you should not see your last mission... But you may see the little home Icon I think. Then make up and send the new mission and again, make Iris send it back to you to be sure it has the right things loaded.

    - When when mind arms, or takes off, it updates mission control and it's own mission files with the actual takeoff location. The android app will detect that and announce it, it's okay. I believe it's just saving the last know location which should be the best, as GPS data gets more dialed in.

    - the lurch at the start could be from having 2 waypoints on top of each other, or from the Iris moving slightly off target during the manual takeoff, and sometimes it will quickly correct a bit of roll/pitch caused by wind in the second you released the stick to move the mouse switch. Also if you're on Droid Planner you may have some artifact of outdated software (seems unlikely though).

    Try using Tower to take off, it works well and you can go for mode auto from there.

    I hope this was helpful for you!
    • thanks a bunch for getting back to me Chris. I'm hoping to fly this afternoon, if the winds stay down. I'll let you know how it comes out.

    • Thanks Chris... I'll try your suggestions as well. 

      I'm having something weird happen. I upload a mission to the Iris+ through the 3DR Tower app. Somewhere around the halfway point, it stops and returns to launch. Battery appears to be fine, but I do get some strange beeps form the controller, which I have no idea what they mean. I use a NVIDIA tablet for the Tower app. 


  • I'm watching for reply's. I haven't got up the gonads yet, to try an auto mission.

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