Las Cruces, NM

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I studied EE in collage, briefly worked in the field, and then got into mass production jewelry manufacturing in the mid 1970's. The website to my company is www.ruidosometalworks.com

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My kids gave me a P1 for my birthday last August and several months later it did a flyaway. I didn't get it back for a week and a half and in the meantime I bought an Iris+. Since so much time had gone by since I was involved in electronics, I was not prepared for how technical it is. It's been somewhat of a struggle but I'm reaching out to all the resources I can find to help this 64 year old fart to get up to speed! The flyaway of my P1 is amazing. Its only the 3rd time I had mounted the camera on it and don't have FPV. At 14 sec. its flying on its own and the impossible to understand part is at 2:35. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7OLq2G4G_4


Las Cruces, NM

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Harry Topley replied to Harry Topley's discussion Frustrating Droid Planner Issues in IRIS
"thanks a bunch for getting back to me Chris. I'm hoping to fly this afternoon, if the winds stay down. I'll let you know how it comes out."
Oct 18, 2015
Harry Topley posted a discussion in IRIS
I have a couple of issues that involve droid planner that I can't figure out.1) before launching I clear the old way points. All I want to do is use the telemetry to keep track of the Iris in flight. Upon launch, as soon as it gets to about 10' the…
Oct 17, 2015
Harry Topley posted a discussion
Does anyone know where I can get a mounting bracket to mate the two of them together?
Aug 14, 2015