Gimbal screws

I'm too lazy to go through the threads and see if this has been answered...

I have the Tarot 2D Gimbal and thought I ordered extra screws for the faceplate from Tarot in China, WAY too thick!  I've looked everywhere on-line to order additional screws, called 3DR, went to hardware stores, etc & can't seem to get that exact size.  Anyone know??

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  • I found a wonderful place to get all the metric bolts and nuts that are hard to find.

    Great service, fast shipping, big selection. I needed 4 3mmx6 bolts to mount a motor, ended up getting 50 because the price is right and I'm sure I'll need them for something else in the future.

    Bookmark it!

  • I knew you guys would deliver :)  Thanks, that velcro strap looks perfect & I'd never seen it before.  My screws bent & sometimes I can't even get it unscrewed.  

  • If you are talking about the aluminum thing that holds the GoPro to the gimble, I'm using the Velcro strap that comes with the GoPro. Works perfect, no more putzing with those screws

  • M4 hex

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