Go Pro EMI?

I have been flying my Iris+ for about 2 weeks now without the Go Pro just so I could acquaint myself with it.  I am now ready to attach my Go Pro HERO 3+.  The Go Pro is covered in aluminum tape in order to reduce the EMI when attached to my Blade 350 QX.  However, I noted that the Tarot gimbal can not accept the Go Pro with the protective cover on.  But I was wondering whether any Iris/Iris+ owners experienced any interference from the Go Pro while flying?

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  • No EMI if the GoPro wireless is off. I've flown with
    • wireless on before to test in an open area, but wouldn't recommend it. Ditch the tape.
  • I use my GoPro 4 Black, and just make sure the Wifi is turned off before flying.  I'm even seeing posts that using Wifi on the Iris+ works...  I am not willing to risk it, but I have seen posts where people have been using the 2.4ghz wifi on the GoPro while flying...

    • Listen to him. He knows. He's the DOCTOR!!! ;-)

       Just set it up beforehand. Learn your GoPro without phone or remote. Push the BUTTONS!

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