• during my flyaway earlier this month I used a tablet running the tower app to find my Iris in a very thick forest..I just barely got a signal but eventually located it at the base of the 80 foot tree that snared it...I kept trying to arm it and listened for the response tones since the app showed my on top of the unit per the map

    • Thanks for the info. I take it that this replaces Droid Planner 2. Were is this available and how does the tower app find the Iris+. I just started to read about it on 3DR's site. Does it have the same options as Droid Planner or close to it.


    • Keith-

      Keep in mind that the Iris' primary "ground control" schema is:  tablet or laptop computer running Tower (its on Google Play) or Mission Planner (on the laptop) linked / connected to the Iris via the telemetry (TLM) transceiver supplied with the unit..  This is your primary C2 loop.... you have a map displaying YOUR location & the IRIS's location/flight path etc. (the Iris symbol is the "home" symbol in Tower)

      In fact, Tower is Droid Planner 3, with some features and services that 3DR has added... namely droneshare. Here is my last flight, which was a flyaway incident during a guided mode test. ( ) ( )

      The terminal control link is your RC controller..line of sight...for me that is inside 300 feet... otherwise I cannot discern the quad-copters orientation. (If you fly only close-in, then you just use the controller... but I would ALWAYS have the Tower app up and running)

      So with Tower, I KNOW my location, ie where the tablet is (YOUR TABLET MUST HAVE A GOOD INTERNAL GPS, or be able to use a Bluetooth linked GPS receiver...I have both) it is displayed on the map as a blue dot... and the Iris is using a triangle-like symbol that has an "H" in it.,, (when it is connected to the tablet over the telemetry transceiver supplied with the unit.)

      OK..drone is down... lost in the woods...BUT...I have a weak TLM signal that periodically bleeps my tablet....I walk towed the IRIS as best I can through said woods... and once my tablet's GPS location is upon the drone symbol... I'm within spitting distance of the downed unit. Then....attempt to ARM the drone via the Tower app.... you will hear the unit return the fault tones... keep trying to ARM and you will find your machine.  If you are hard of hearing... bring a friend or a dog....I had walked right past my downed Iris while tracking it. Sometimes, due to the way GPS works, you may need to approach the Iris symbol on the map from differing vectors... but regardless, use the ARM command from the Tower app to make the drone bleep.

      Now, if the IRIS's battery has run down... you are SOL. The Iris will not be sending its location over the TLM link. Then the backup might be Jimmy's solution.... either way, you need the Iris's GPS location sent to you somehow.

    • Thank you so much for your help and will get D.P.3 up and going.


  • I use this when testing new Iris+

    • Thanks,  looking it up. Guess you can just leave it on all the time.

    • Just turn it on before flight. Give it a sec. Then if trouble strikes, dial the number and it will text you back its live location on Google maps. Walk over to the dot on map. accurate to about 40 feet.

  • Why can't you still use the receiver? The Iris and Iris+ both use a 4 channel with only 1 chan used

    • I just am not familiar with how s-bus works. Is there still 5v coming out of the receiver ?. Would you be willing to give me more details.

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