How much can one do without the IRIS Telemetry Radio

I have discovered damage to where the telemetry antenna connects to the telemetry radio PCB on my IRIS.  It never seemed very solid in place even when I pulled the iris out of the box brand new.  While on the phone with support at 3DRobotics, I had the shell open and noticed that when I went to try to tighten the antenna, it broke off of the PCB board with the antenna jack still attached to the antenna! 

3DR is waiting approval to send me another telemetry radio...

So it looks like no playing around with autonomous flight, or flight controlled by my android tablet.  I am still able to fly in manual mode, but I'm a little worried if there is something that can go horribly wrong.  I've been flying manually without the telemetry radio plugged in for quite a few flights now without any problems.  But if anyone knows of something that can go wrong, I would appreciate you letting me know.


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  • To follow up on my own thread.  After the time of waiting for the replacement telemetry radio, I had no issues at all flying any of the modes with the R/C transmitter.  Thanks to Daniel for responding.

  • You don't really need the modem for much. I would say that you don't want to run autonomous missions with it. Other than that you should be good. 

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