How to chagre gopro while in gimbal

Any suggestions.  As removing the gopro is not ideal.

I see this

Tarot GoPro Video Cable.  Is this what I need?

I don't want to power the camera from the main battery, but use the gopro built in in.  Just looking for a more flexible mini usb cable.



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  • I have a Tarot 2D Gimble with the Live View Kit and it does not charge my GoPro, should it be?

  • Yes, this cable has the video and power separated so you can just get the video or use the other plug and power the unit as well.


    • Wait. I'm confused. Which cable r u refering to?
    • The 3DR GoPro video cable:


      It has two connectors at one end so you can chose to just use the video or you can use both and power your camera or charge it as well.  It needs 5 volts to use the power connector.


    • I ordered the cable.  I reviewed the instructions, but I am not clear on how to actually charge the battery with this cable.  Can I hack this cable with a mini usb connector on the other side?

      Or do I draw power from the flight battery? 

    • Hi Matt,

         Are you looking to only supply power to the GP or would you like a video feed out as well?

      Todd H.


    • Not sure.  Maybe both in the future.  I assume the latter would be for fpv.

  • I have not done it, but I know some guys who used scotch tape to block the pin for power. They were doing that because it was causing interference in the live FOV stream on a modified DJI Vision+ with the stock camera ripped off and replaced with a GoPro.

    Anyway, I haven't done it (because I don't need to) but you should be able to look up the pin outs and block power.
    • That adapter looks too bulky. Personally I use the 3DR cable with the plastic of the right angle adapter removed and replaced with tape. I do that because the stock cable gets jammed against my DYS 3axis gimbal (it worked fine with the Tarot 2D though).

      The added benefit of removing all that bulk is that I can remove the video cable without removing the GoPro from the gimbal. I can even get the SD card out. I think I posted a picture of it in a thread I started about gimbals. Maybe back in February if you search my posts.
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