Import MP waypoint .txt files into Tower

OK, I googled this and found lots of folks wondering the same thing but I couldn't find an answer.  Has this functionality been added to Tower yet? Or is it a "coming-soon" feature.... or just a pipe dream.  Anyone know the current status? 

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  • What about this as a workaround?  Create  a mission in MP on the laptop and load it into the bird via mavlink.  Then transfer the mavlink to the phone or tablet, open Tower, download the file from the bird into Tower, then export that to a file.

  • I found a workaround for that, but it can be a little tedious if you have a lot of files.

    1. Upload mission file from Mission Planner to Pixhawk.
    2. Download mission file from Pixhawk to Tower.
    3. Repeat for each file.

    I've done this by switching my one radio between my Mac and my Nexus 7, but I suppose you could hook up the Mac to the USB port and just leave the radio on the Tower device. I think I was using the radio for both because I was having trouble with the USB. Now that's fixed, but I haven't had occasion to move any mission files since.

  • I posed that question to 3dt and they said its coming in an upcoming release.

    • Good to hear.

      I flew several auto missions today (my first).  All flawless.  One little surprise.. the altitude for the waypoints made in Tower were in feet not meters.  Yikes!  Luckily I had the course inside the perimeter of a large complex of ball fields.  The trees on the borders would have been a problem if it had strayed.  Funny that MP is in meters.  I went into Tower settings and found my units set to "auto" so not sure how it decides what to use... and it gives no indication which one it is using.  So I hard selected it to metric.

      I flew various types of waypints including circles.  Now I need to explore the region of interest function to figure out how that works.

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