Iris+ 433 MHz telemery?

I just got a sweet deal on an Iris on ebay for $499. It showed up and seems to work fine, almost new. BUT: it has a 433MHz telemetry radio.

What am I in for with this? Am I breaking the law? Will it work well? Thoughts?

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  • Reviewing footage of Aerial Survey (video) of suspected zone. Its a Cherry Orchard so here's hopin'

    • Good luck.

  • I'll bet it will work just fine. I don't know what we have here in the USA that might be on that frequency? But, I would go to "optional hardware" in mission Planner, then 3DR radio, and make sure you have the TX power cranked all the way up.

    • Just to clarify things: The telemetry radios have nothing to do with the transmitter, except the telemetry data. The transmitter and its controls work in the 2.4 GHz band. The telemetry radio works with the telemetry (altitude, speed, voltage, etc.) data display on the transmitter, but not the controls (switches, sticks, pots) on the transmitter. The telemetry radio is also what connects to DroidPlanner, etc. In the USA (and Canada, I THINK) only 915 MHz is legal for telemetry. I'm not sure about the details, but 433 MHz is for the rest of the world, certainly Europe. So you will need to replace the telemetry radio on the IRIS at least, and also on the transmitter if you want to use it. Be aware also that the stick functions on the transmitter MAY be Mode 1 (different function assignments) from the Mode 2 which is most common in the USA. There may be (probably is) a way to change the Mode, but I'm not familiar with it.

    • So the plug in telemetry unit for the phone must be replaced? The unit on the Iris? Both? Then check the Contoller in MP to see what the sticks are doing? When connected to MP on my phone it acts as expected and the switches are set up right. The sticks seem to be configured right. 

    • It looks like your transmitter is OK as is, and I was wrong about the telemetry on it, it appears to all be over 2.4 GHz . You will have to replace just the telemetry radio on the IRIS (the one connected to the external antenna). You can buy a whole set here:

      You might try asking 3DR if you can buy just one radio, but I doubt it. When I tried to buy just the multicolor LED, they told me they only sold the complete kit (with micro USB and two cables). If you ever need just the USB or a cable let me know ;). You don't have to do anything with your phone, but you probably will wind up with an extra radio, and a couple of cables, from the kit. You SHOULD be able to buy just a single radio for about $40, but 3DR will probably stick you for $100 + shipping.

    • It is actually 2 telemetry units talking with the Pixhawk (Flight controller) so to speak. The telemetry shown in the transmitter goes via the FrSky D4R-II receiver.

      The telemetry shown on your laptop/android device is the one with module hanging on a piece of cable via USB. You need two of these talking at the same frequency (915 MHz in your case) on the same NetID with each other. They come as a pair when you buy them and the same NetID is already set for you. 

    • Yeah, but Jimmy already has the one for his phone/tablet!

    • Test Flight: Drone goes rogue. It's gone. It's in a farmer's field somewhere. Searching...

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Here the same. Forget Ardu, 3DR!


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