Can some one tell me which   (2)   files from the download section I need. I must not have the right ones as I can change the Minim board on the laptop and save to the Minim,   but I do not get the same thing that is on the laptop on my monitor. I am running NTSB option.


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  • What do you see on the monitor?

    • I have 2 minimosd's and neither of them work right. One is brand new. I have down loaded both the firmware and the config theat 3DR suggested. One of the units now displays nothing and the other displays only part of what I down loaded and is so blurry that you can not read it. I do have 5v coming from my usb port with the cable plugged in. I tried both usb ports on my laptop. Any thoughts. Do I need to run the osd config manifest as this will not run ?.


      Download the GUI for 2.0 and the firmware for 2.0.  Verify you have a connection and flash the 2.0 firmware. 

      Then, install the 1.9 charset.  I think that should do it.

    • Thanks. Will try.

    • Did you manage to get it work?

      I think I have some info like schemes etc that might help you out. let me know oke? I'll have to dig 'em up :)

    • Peter:

       I did get it to work and it was my fault. Out of all the info I looked up on the internet and U-Tube none of them said that both sides need to be powered. Once I did that all is fine. Thanks for your reply.


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