IRIS+ blocks canon s100 GPS?


Does anyone dknow if the body of the IRIS+ with interfere with the GPS tagging in the canon s100 if the camera is mounted under the body?

Anyone have experience with this?



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    • I would go with Pix4D. $350 per month, pay as you go. You need to concentrate on Ground Control Points. You can you use a GoPro or a very cheap Canon. Just keep learning. Sending things off to be processed doesn't increase your knowledge. You could also use Agisoft Photoscan. 


      Pix4D is a developer of cutting-edge software that converts images taken by hand, by drone, or by plane into survey-grade accurate and georeferenced…
    • My concern is that for the time being I most likely wont be using this type of service more than once every few months so its hard for me to justify paying for such an expensive subscription.

    • what do you mean "350 per month, pay as you go"? it is a monthly subsrcitpion OR a pay per use ?

      what is the best way to set gcp? google earth, smart phone or gps hand held?

      and then how are those markers used in the stitching? or is that all in the tutorials?

      thanks thanks thanks

    • $350 per month. You pay for a month and when it runs out it's done. You are not bound to a year etc...

      GCP's are a research project for you. Too much to explain. You could use your phone but the best accuracy Iv'e ever had is 2.2" with 6 or more GCP's 

  • It won't interfere, but the GPS tagging by the Canon S100 hasn't been as good as what I can do with Mission Planner and the flight logs. Also, the camera has to be turned on for at least 5 minutes before it acquires a GPS signal.

    • How do you use the mission planner in geotagging?

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