Iris Case - Really !!??!!

Ok, my Iris case from 3DR came which they are sourcing from Go Professional Cases.


1) Have to pull the props, so much for using it for everyday storage

2) Looks like they designed it from the developer version because I would also have to pull the telemetry antenna because it don't bend like the picture  ( I would have to pull the shell evertime...


It's big, but light which is nice. I was hoping to take it with me overseas and it locks like a nice pelican case.


Not sure if I should keep it or send it back

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  • FWIW - I found a decent toolbox at home depot that I plan to use - it's $50, and I found a local company that will do the foam and cutting for around $100.

    I initially planned to go with the pelican 1650, but after feeling how heavy it was (and the price), I decide to look for other options.  I don't plan on shipping mine, so I don't need it to be that rugged - just something to keep everything together and safe in my trunk.

    • I just recently stumbled upon this same tote from HD and was thinking about using it for my Iris+ and accessories. Have you made any progress as I would be interested in hearing your  views ?

      Thanks !

  • So with the Pelican 1650, would it fit WITH the gimbal still attached? My preference would be to keep it on (as long as everything remains well-protected). 

    • Yes, there's adequate space

  • http://

    That 1650 pelican or this seahorse 1220 will work for the iris also.

    • cool yet another option!!


  • Austin,

    Which case is that ?? Looks like you yack the gimbal ? Not sure the leads will take a lot of on and offs.


    I only have one small pelican as I find them too heavy for my photogear so I use ThinkTank and GuraGear.




    • Yes that is a Pelican 1650 which was a videography case in a former life. I wanted the Iris to sit deeper into the case than it could have if I left the gimbal on. Also this makes inspections easier for checking the case while traveling.

      For our purposes we may not need the gimbal every time, and the JST and single pin connectors can be easily replaced if they wear out.

  • We use a larger pelican and I plucked the foam myself:


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