Iris doing doughnuts

I have just started using APM Planner 2.0 with my Macbook Pro i7, 10.9.2. First couple of test missions have gone well.
Just a few things I would like to understand further about my auto flights. One of my waypoint settings I have set Iris to do 2 turns. However, the turns are big circles about 5m in diameter. Not sure if this is normal or not. I was expecting Iris to hold GPS position and just spin around or close to the point.

I have set the Loiter Radius to zero.

Any ideas from anyone?

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  • I just tried circle today without changing any settings.  I get a fairly large circle when making a waypoint Circle.

    I'd guess about 4m in diameter. 

    I did find this but haven't tried it yet -  

    Setting the CIRCLE_RADIUS to zero will cause the copter to simply stay in place and slowly rotate (useful for panorama shots).

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