Iris+ External Arm LED Replacement

I crashed my Iris+ over the weekend and am having trouble finding replacements for the external LEDs that go underneath the arms. Two of cables snapped in the crash. Does anyone know where I can get an exact or near-exact replacement?-Craig

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  • has them
  • What about re-soldering wires?

    I just re-connected the rest of flex-cable that was still on the LED. Be aware that the shrinkwrap-part contains a resistor limiting current through the LED.

    You need to scratch some new solder pad into the flex-cable with a knife, the conductor is some copper-alloy, soldering works well.

    • Yeah, I guess that's not a bad idea. Just a pain in the butt. I'll make this my plan B. I'm going to give them a call later and see if they'll sell me a couple.

  • I'm missing one also...

    • I know they're just nice-to-haves but it shouldn't be so hard to find a replacement! I can't even find anything on 3DR's website.
    • I will look into finding so

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