• I have the same issue, but not every time. Any other Iris + user in this case ?

    Last advice talk about new calibrations and new PID settings. Same machine with same elements should give the same results in term of PID, no ?

    But I will try first the full throttle on take off first. I read somewhere that Iris+ being pre-tuned, there is a risk to get an unstable machine after tempting new calibrations.

  • Ok well I have some advice to offer now after solving this issue for myself after several months. If your sure your props are on correctly if your sure your motors spin properly. If your sure your ESC is calibrated.


    Format your SD card

    Go to terminal and use "Erase"

    Unplug and replug in your USB holding down the Arm button to reload the bootloader.

    Go to terminal and do a "Reset"

    Load Iris prams

    Do your calibrations for compass and Accells

    Calibrate your radio.

    Recalibrate your ESC's

    IF this works and you get to flying again. Learn to set your own PID's following this:

    And you will have a great flying machine.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Could it be while installing and connecting the battery you might be tipping it forward as its initializing. This seems plausible.
  • Thanks everyone - that worked!

  • A video with audio would be a great help.

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  • I suggest giving a full commitment of throttle when taking off. If you increase the throttle slowly it seems to be unstable.
    • I agree with John, giving full commitment of throttle is the only way I take off without failure.

  • Glenn,

    The only think that comes in mind would be to ensure ESC calibration, Props correct installed , and flight modes properly set-up and take off in Stabilized.

    Is this a sudden behaviour ?... did you performed any change in setup ?


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