Iris Improvement Updates

I just got an email describing how to install a kit that will reposition electronics near the Pixhawk to prevent future issues.  I just wanted to say that this type of proactive management of Iris issues makes me very happy as an owner.

BTW - I also received the improved motor screws in the mail from 3DR and they're working great.

Thanks 3DR team!


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  • I'm not sure what your definition of "proactive" is. But 3DR only sent out these parts after folks were complaining (a lot) about issues with their IRIS in this forum, at and on the Facebook page. I was one of them and certainly wouldn't call this proactive, but rather reactive.

    Nevertheless, good to see that we did get fixes offered and let's hope hat this was these two were the only necessary ones.  

  • Is the placement mainly to get it our of the way of the Compass module? Ive currently got a layer of packing foam lyign on tp of the pixhawk to reduce and hard contacts.

    I ask as I wonder if that is just the problem, would mounting the compass outside on the roof on a mast be even better??

    ............Actually...second thoughts..the number of times Ive ended up upside down with this thing its probably safer inside.

    Thanks 3dr....for the proactive updates!!


    • Ive currently got a layer of packing foam lyign on tp of the pixhawk to reduce and hard contacts.

      Compressed ? It looks like a good idea, but it will probably affect vibration damping negatively, leading to worse behavior at most flightmodes. Affects alt hold .The idea is to decouple the the PIXHAWK (getting it away) from frame vibrations. Unlike the NAZA, the PH doesn´t come with an internal IMU damping.

    • OK

      Good to know thanks.

      I'll update my one once the kit arrives. And yeah I notice a nubmer of the cables are bent 90o which is not looking awesome


  • I agree that a kudo's for 3DR post is in order.  

    There's been a lot of IRIS issues needing to be worked out, and i've had my share of frustrations.  But when it comes to customer support, this is one of the best companies i've ever dealt with.

    So add another happy owner to your list!

    • I got my Iris through MakerShed, and it turns out 3DR will neither provide the upgrade kit, nor make it available for sale. So I am less pleased with their support than you are.

    • That definitely sucks, but its not the end of the world. The kit is simply a set of four small pieces of foam adhesive (label says: 3M 467 MP, 200 MP adhesive), an alcohol swab (to clean the place you stick the adhesive), a small zip tie, and a small piece of card-stock with the placement diagram (attached). I think that stuff is even detailed in the instructional video on youtube.

      Upgrade Guide.jpeg

    • Sweet. Thank you for that information. I wish they'd make the placement guide available as a PDF, but I'm pretty sure I can source foam adhesive and a zip tie on my own.

  • In some IRISs the Pixhawk and the other components were coming in contact with one another causing vibrations in the Pixhawk. I guess these extra vibrations were causing the the autopilot to go a little crazy. A couple people had bad crashes possibly due to this problem.

    At least thats my understanding.

  • What is this upgrade kit for? What was the issue that it fixes?

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