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Hello all,

I have had the Iris for about 7 flights, 5 were crashes, that is fixed now, but I can be paranoid so I have a question.

I had a hard time getting the Iris to shut down when I landed it today, I assume that with the sort legs the iris was not on a smooth enough surface and it had a bit of motion and assumed that it was not on the ground?  Does this make sense?


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  • Ok here is my Log, please remeber that my actions in this log are reactive to the Iris not wanting to follow my direction...

    2015-04-12 08-56-29.tlog
    • By "short legs" do you mean the legs that came with it?  Those are supposed to be removed for the longer legs.  There are a series of videos on the 3DR site that shows you how to troubleshoot.  Those have been invaluable to me.  If it's timing issues, you can always test those without props on the ground first without flying it.  

      Sounds like something is seriously wrong w/ the unit, mine has never been that inconsistent.  I wrote somewhere on here that I talked to 3DR for two days troubleshooting before they told me it was a faulty unit & replaced it.  It happens.  

    • You can fly with the short legs especially with all the problems that I have had I prefer it as I would have damage if I flew with the long problems have been for the past 5 I have exhausted all the troubleshooting that I can do..I contacted 3DR today, I hope that they can help me...I have had few good flying attempts...

  • Remember me?  I'm back!  Just had another bad flight I will upload my log a bit later.  I had my Gopro mounted on the front with the short legs...the throttle would not respond as expected, it almost seemed like there was a delay between me and what the iris did..It would go up and down and I could not really do anything about it...seemed very strained with the Gopro.  HTried hitting the land button many times could not get it to land and power would be on the ground and me not touching the throttle and rev up so high that it started t leave the ground.  Everything that I did today was reactive to the actions of the Iris. Trying to get it under control and on the ground, it finally landed and powered down and I disarmed instantly.  BTW I have done all the calibrations.

  • I too have had some issues on landing. I always have issues identical to yours when manually landing in loiter or alt hold . Never an issue when in stabilize mode. When using "auto land" in land mode, or RTL, it always lands great and shuts off right away. I was always a big fan of landing my Hubsan, even bigger fan with the iris+. I try to make the landing as elaborate as possible. Especially now that my flights are more about testing and future commercial applications than just flying for fun. Landing is all I got now. Auto land works great...if you're into that sort of thing.

    • I haven't had any problems with the landings so far or crashing it (watch, today I'll crash it).  I've had some hard landings, where I then re-calibrate for the next flight.  I guess if you want to stay true to you're hand/eye for manual landings, that's fine.  The RTL works so well I think I've only done a few manual landings.  I try to "fine tune" it because if it's near a hillside or something blocking it it gets a little lost, even in RTL.  I've done manual take off's & flown it in a bunch of times manually to get use to it.  When I put it in loiter it's a straight up take off and it a steadier flight (plus better shots, which is what I'm using it for).  

      I'd never touched an R/C before.  I do have a pilot's license though & manually take off & land.  I have no problem following the purple GPS line from there.  

      Here's a RTL, loitered in manual  (no flight plan) practice flight where I was looking through the live view to to fine tune the landing.

    • Heller, what a beautiful neighborhood! That's got to be one of the neater Iris videos I've seen yet! I'll bet mowing the grass on that hill could be quite hair raising! "NICE"

    • Thanks!!  It looks like Tuscany up there, notice my house is not in the shot.  All I did was pop it up in loiter from my yard & turned it around.  The fish eye makes it look like I flew farther than I did.  Luckily our lawn is flat :)  

      I wanted to say that the loiter holds the GPS positioning that the remote doesn't lose.  I've had the remote lose it in manual from any interference, like a tree between line of sight of the antenna's.  You could hear it beep that it lost the signal.  From my limited experience, the least reliable and hardest to control is all manual.  

      I didn't youtube the crash into a fence when I was in RTL from the side of a landslide with the hill blocking some satellites.  It was landing in place and then looked confused and went to head back over the cliff side of the landslide.  There was a waist high fence that stopped it because I was still trusting the RTL and didn't want to mess w/ it & possibly help it go over the cliff.  Lesson there was things will block the satellites for a RTL and since then I've learned I can manually nudge it a bit for a better landing.  

      If I have problems with anything I check for firmware updates & calibrate.  That's been solving all my issues so far (in answer to the original question).  

  • Makes sense. Try to avoid touching the device once you put the battery in. Wait for the red blue light to start flashing and close the cover after that. 

    Also Fly in Loiter, and or get a little UDI 860 and wreck that a few zillion times. Its cheap practice

  • As well as holding the throttle down and left, as soon as i land I also make sure to switch into stab mode so the copter isn't sitting there trying to figure out of its landed yet.

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