Hello everyone!

  1. Has anyone made light weight arms for the Iris+? In my rough calculations the arms weigh 52g bare for the blue arms, and I would suspect a little more for the black rear arms. I am pretty sure I can get them down to 16 grams each or less.   I searched around but could not find anything on this. The result would be 140g for additional payload/battery time. I have no idea what would need to be adjusted if anything on the programming side. 
  2. A tracker for the machine in the event of power loss or critical error. I have a few ideas on this, but would like to know if anyone thinks this would be useful. Calcualted a Weight increase of 7 grams. 
  3. With the Gimbal and Gopro mounted I have read that they are very low to the ground. Is there any reason we would not increase the height and/or put on light weight suspension  too?
  • Disclaimer: have no idea what I am doing 99.999999999% of the time, but I might this time. I fully intend to put machine vision on these devices so they can fly indoors.... 

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  • How stiff will the new arms be?

    There was some discussion that the lower weight of the new IRIS+ arms compared to the original IRIS arms added some vibration.

    I wonder if an Aerial Mob type of arm setup would work?  http://www.team-blacksheep.com/products/product:476  This is the set that Team BlackSheep sells.  It won't work on the IRIS as the bolt patterns are different for the arms but maybe somebody already printed the arm attachments.

    You can lengthen the existing legs or you could buy this product for the gimbal.  It's an integrated adapter plate for the IRIS and Tarot T2D gimbal.  It eliminates one of the plates so it gives you better clearance as well as a small weight savings. http://www.impconcepts.com/impstore/index.php?route=product/product...


    • Mike, 

      Very stiff. there will be no flex with them at all. I can add flex if needed. 

      I need new underwear after seeing the prices on the black sheep site. Thank you for that i think. 

      The Legs are going to about 1 inch longer, and will have suspension. Its just something I see as a possible safety for the payload and aircraft. 

      I am going to reverse engineer the gimbal attachement you linked me. I will let you know when I have a solve. 

      Thank you for your Time!


    • Yeah, Aerial Mob and TBS love their products and charge a premium. :)  I have a TBS Disco and it's a well engineered and well thought out craft.  It's my go-to rig to fly FPV with.

      I haven't ever used any of the Aerial Mob products though but figured that it might give you some idea as to what's already out there.

      I'd like to see what you come up with!  Post up when you put something together.


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    • I will just drop this off here....

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