Iris Mapping

Hi, Any help please, I have a Iris mapping using a camera canon s110, I can trigger the cam in mission planner, my problem is when ARM the iris the camera shot pics without any order or command, shot continous and not stop, every 10 seconds any help to solve that, I want use the camera trigger by distance with survey mission.


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  • It sounds like you're running the CHDK Intervalometer script with the standard settings. I think you might need to get a script to detect the trigger voltage, like this KAP UAV Exposure Control script.

    I just use the Intervalometer though, and set it to go every 2 seconds. That way I get lots of coverage, probably more than I need, but more is better anyway because it gives more overlap. I guess it probably makes the software take longer to match, though.

    There's also this camera trigger cable, I don't know if you need that though.

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