Iris Parameters

Got a new 5000  maH battery and using APM planner 2.0.10.

Where do I change the battery parameters in APM planner?

Is it under Config/Tuning Standard Params or is it under  Initial Setup / Optional Setup / Battery Monitor?

Also, how do we know what all the default settings are for Iris?

For example, if I look under Initial Setup / Mandatory Setup / Failsafe it says throttle failsafe is RTL, which is good, but battery failsafe is disabled.


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  • Please I am also looking for bigger Iris battery. What did you buy?

    Any good? Does it fit?

    Grateful for any help, I'm living in Africa and it's a bit difficult to get stuff here.

    Many thanks, Paul

    • This is the battery I bought.

      You will also need to solder on the XT 60 connector.  I already had some connectors.

      The battery is snug but does fit.  I have had one short flight and it worked fine.

    • Thanks 4 your time. I am looking what I can get on the internet and will post about it.

      about your problem check this link

      But as a n00b what I learned is that the only important thing in batteries limit is the voltage, so if you run 3S if you are below something like 10.5 volt you better land fast (if you running 3d batteries, dont know about other brands)

    • This is good info. I have the stock 3500 mah batteries but I also have a 4500 mah battery so is there any easy way to adjust this for both batteries? I just use an on board low battery alarm right now from hobbyking that  beeps when I get down to 10.5. It works good & alerts me when the battery gets low but I am not able to monitor the battery right now through telemetry which is a problem. The only way I know is to buy more 4500 mah batteries & set the valve through mission planner.

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