Iris radio and extra channels


Having fun and looking at my radio. There are so many buttons and dials.

Besides gimbal control, what else are people setting up for their spare channels?.

Im thinking:

- Simple, Super simple mode

- Geofence Toggle

Are the options to:

- Commence circle at this position.

- Comence follow me (of a secondary target in mission planner)

Actually does any one know if the ROI or follow me is available yet?



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  • My favorite setting for the channel 8 switch is: Return to Armed Yaw.
    When you lose orientation, just flip the switch from low to high, and your copter magically turns to face the same yaw as at launch, and you are back in control. Very cool!
    • That sound like a really good setting. I need to look further into that.

    • Are you in control during the time it is returning to its original yaw compass readings? or is it hands-off until it gets pointed in its locked yaw position? 

      Just curious for tight areas 

    • You have control of pitch and roll at all times.
      It yaws fairly quickly to initial orientation.
      It has saved me a few times already.
    • That sounds very useful!

  • Just read this about configuring channel 8 to add another mode.

    • Can anyone that has followed the "how-to-configure-a-switch-for-channel-8-on-the-iris-quadcopter article", or just anyone that is savvy w/ this FrSky transmitter, help me here?

      I'm at the step where you copy CH 7 in the Mixer screen.  I never found that Edit, Insert, Copy..sub-menu when highlighted and menu button pressed.  In fact, I ended up accidentally copying that "100 Full Ele" as a second option under CH 7, "-100 Full Ele", as well as a couple under CH 8 now. 

      Where the heck are those Copy and Delete options?

    • I'm having this same problem.  Did you find a fix for this yet?

  • I have yet to install my Tarot and GoPro (still in basic training), but I understood channel 6 to be the gimbal control? I think I've configured channel 7 to Simple mode, but I haven't yet tried to turn it on in flight. I'm assuming it will override the other channels, but who knows...feel free to correct me if that's not the case. Otherwise I'm using the redundant stabilize mode (up/down) as my "variable mode" channel, using it for whatever mode I need for the next mission.

    I'll be switching up modes quite a bit, so I'll try to post any useful things I discover along the way, including how buggy Follow Me is at the moment. I'll be testing ROI as well.


    • Thanks Justin, look forward to seeing your results. 

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