Iris+ Upgrade?

Anybody been able to get hold of the Iris+ upgrade? Just curious, heard that it exists but hadn't heard of anyone trying it yet.


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  • Thanx Jordan, wish they would update the web site.


  • Curious if anyone has received the Iris+ upgrade kit. Still showing as "out of stock" on the dedicated link at 


    • got a notice from 3DR about missing the ship date, we'll see when  it is actually available

    • Even though I purchased an original Iris I am not on the mailing list for the upgrade. Please post if you find it is shipping. I struggle with giving them a cc for the order if it's not going to happen. 



    • they have started shipping upgrade kits,  most of them will be going out this week.

  • Does the upgrade kit allow for the "3PV Follow Me" feature?
    What is it, actually, that allows this feature beyond software?

    • that is all in the software, the upgrade kit doesnt include the iris+ software.  the follow me feature is fully implimented into 3.2 which is still in beta, but should be stable release soon.

  • Looks like ship date has slipped a week to the 15th. Don't like the fact that there are new motors and props. What will i do with the left over parts i will have plus spare props and motors i purchased just in case.

    • Looks like another shipment date was missed for the IRIS upgrade.  Hopefully this delay is not as long as the delay for the initial 3dr delivery. Will call in the AM to see what the story is. 

      Anyone get a notice with a reason for another shipping delay? 

    • Good point,  I bought 2 of most of the parts, well I guess I could use the batteries for sure. I was never notified the kit was even available.  I used the link in a previous comment to order the kit , even though now it shows back ordered, guess my original $1,200.00 purchase was not noticed, oh well. Hope the kit arrives soon!

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