IRIS upgrade project

In order to satisfy my bloodlust for the Inspire 1, at least temporarily, I've decided to try and maximize the performance of my IRIS+ w/ Tarot 2D and GoPro, especially for video and photo. I have the following upgrades to make and thought it might be useful to post the process and results here as I go.

  • GPS/Compass: install a Ublox GPS + Compass Module with mast as a new primary GPS, retaining the existing internal GPS as a secondary source. I'll have a very similar mount to this. My current model is the + upgrade kit on the original IRIS, with the original covers and configuration.
  • GoPro lens filters: I'll test all three of the filters here. I have high hopes for these, although I might need to make some adjustments for the filters to fit all the way on the lens despite the blue Tarot bracket. I'm especially excited to see if I can get some decent nighttime shots with my basic GoPro.
  • FPV: The hit-or-miss aspect of flying photos and video without FPV and trying to frame shots at a distance with little depth perception is a fun and useful learning experience, but at this point I'd like more reliable outcomes. There's a very reasonable looking kit from Helipal here. With a splitter I'll power it off the gimbal power source exactly like the LiveView system does.
  • Gimbal Dampers: I've read that the Tarot rubber dampers on the 2D gimbal are not ideal, so I'll try a couple stiffer replacements, especially with the added filter weight and FPV cables.

The idea is to get the low-hanging fruit first, so I'm sticking with my existing GoPro Hero 3 White and the Tarot 2D for now to see what I can get out of it before I consider a camera upgrade or 3D gimbal. If you have any experience with these modifications, I'd love to hear about your results.

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    • It makes your iris look cool, I would go for a better GPS antenna that looked like that. Though it has enough weight with it fully loaded as is.

      The cell phone # is a nice touch. Although I can see a jerk calling you.

      "Hey, yeah your drone thing landed in my back yard. It had this phone number attached to the top. Just wanted to let you know... Thanks for the Iris, sucker" click.
    • The mast, cover and screws is about 8 grams. The screws and copper shielding on the Iris+ is maybe 4 grams. Doesn't make much difference in weight.

      Problem is I can't fly with a front mounted go pro. When the GP is in record mode the GPS and compass can go berserk.

      When the GP is on the gimbal I don't have any problems.

      I could install some shielding but don't need it. When I really wanna fly FPV I fired up the QAV250!


    • What kind of flight time do you get with the QAV250?
    • 6 to 8 minutes. The guys that really fly hard get 5 to 6 minutes. It's fun with FatSharks.

  • I have the GPS in hand, and the FPV, filters, and dampers are on the way.

    I think the PolarPro filter package is new, so I might be the guinea pig to see how they can be fitted with the Tarot collar around the base of the lens like that. That company is very helpful by the way, I had a problem with purchasing on their website, called them up, and they had it resolved, invoiced, and ready to ship in about 10 minutes.

  • Has anyone tried the DYS 3 axis gumball?

    I am really interested in it, just how does the iris+ work with it, when it is programmed for a 2 axis. Plus how would I manually adjuatbthe camera when the controller is designed for a 2 acid gimbal?
  • I just started looking for alternative gimbal dampers for the Tarot 2D.  I was able to find some for my "$80 eBay" gimbal for my 350 QX, but I have yet to find stiffer ones for the Tarot.  I will be curious to see what you uncover!

    • I didn't see a lot of options for Tarot dampers (i.e. none), but I've ordered a new set of OEM replacements in case mine are getting worn as well as a set of medium-firm buffers from the Helipal "jello-killer" mount in the hopes that they somehow magically fit. Will keep you posted. - HeliPal
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