Iris v1 for mapping

Hey everyone this is a short intro on a project
I've been working on for the past month or so.


Canon S100 - 3D Printed Mount 
Based on a craigslist ad, I found a reliable, 
honest, and skilled individual with experience in
auto cad and a 3D printer. 

Ryan, the guy who designed the mount, was
meticulous about measurements and got straight
to work from my quick pencil sketch. His attention to
detail paid off because on the first flight with the mount
the center of gravity was dead on.

The Canon S100 with battery and SD card, 3D mount and
necessary hardware all comes in at 245g. 


DIY Iris+ tall legs
For the tall legs I took inspiration from Iris+, but made
it my own by sourcing the hardware and carbon fiber rod
from the local hobby shop.

A $10 investment in parts, and a quick 30min garage sesh
turned 4 stock short legs into tall legs. Total weight for all 4 legs is
36g. That's 11g less than the new Iris+ legs.


Next steps
1. Put together the cable based on flight riot's tutorial for triggering camera.

2. Call 3DR verify whether Iris+ arms can accommodate 11" props.

3. Set up & install CHDK firmware hack with necessary scripts.

4. Finalize pre-flight checklist

5. Test the finalized bird w/ camera in manual flight and evaluate for optimum mission duration.

6. Research & design first mission, test run with camera.

7. Evaluate imagery & refine post-production workflow.

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  • hi oscar, can I file share holder of the camera?

  • UPDATE :: Fed 21, 2015 

    The mount pictured in the images is now available at shapeways site.

  • UPDATE :: Final Assembly Documentation
    I decided to post all the photos on a new discussion for the sake of readability.

  • I use Gentles cable on my Pixhawk. I just added a 5V BEC to the power rail. BEC take power directly from the main battery.

    • I'm also very interested in seeing how you did this. Thanks!

    • I m far from my Iris right now, so no pictures to show quiclky, but I just soldered the BEC input to the two big blobs where battery cables arrive on power card, and plug the ouput to the Pixhawk where you usually connect servos. This give a good 5V into the rail. Then Gentles cable is plugged in a free servo port just aside the BEC output plug.

    • Hi there, any chance you can show how you connected the bec to the power rail? I too have an Iris+ and a gentles cable and 5 bec but no idea how to make it all work?



  • UPDATE :: Feb 4, 2015 :: First Auto Mapping Mission

    Payload included Canon s100 + custom 3D printed holder with flite test electrohub disk + custom tall legs. Camera was triggered via CHDK intervalometer script set for every two seconds. All images where captured in RAW. Out of 40 images 5 where slightly blurry due to capture at the time of bird pivoting. The bird landed with 11.7 v starting from 12.5v using a 4400mah battery. Groundspeed was 3m/s. More mission deets here:

    Next steps:
    2nd attempt a the trigger cable
    Fully immerse myself into all that OpenDroneMap has to offer


    • Could you post a picture of the camera mount? 

    • Yes Eric. Thank you for the reminder.
      I'm going to photograph it over the weekend
      and prepare to post it all by the following.

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