• Yes the plan is to phase out all legacy products.  Y6 (already phased out), X8, IRIS and Aero.  With full focus on the SOLO.  I definitely think they should keep the X8 as there isn't anything in the price range with the same capabilities.  Same with the Aero for RTF.  They have said that they will support parts for the next year.

  • My 3DR Iris+ has been a consistent and solid work horse for my Aerial Photography and Imaging business ( The Solo is nice, but my iris+ has the most bang for my dollar indeed.

  • I couldn't be happier with mine, love it. I would buy an IRIS V2 in a heartbeat, but I'm not a Solo customer. It wouldn't take much to make a new version of the IRIS a killer, lower-cost, DIY-friendly alternative to the Matrice:

    • 10" props
    • upswept arms
    • mast-mounted GPS/compass
    • proper RX antenna set-up
    • more robust telemetry range
    • optional 4S/dual battery upgrade?

  • Think this is the situation - I had a major crash a few weeks back and could not get a new outer shell in the UK. Managed to find one in Germany. Shell case no longer for sale on the 3DR site or HERE or HERE or HERE although there seems to be some residual stock in US.

  • Well, there might be some knock off copies of parts like arms, etc. like there are for a lot of the "old" DJI stuff.

  • I dunno, but I own 3 of them! One still sealed in it's box. Maybe it will become a collectors item.

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