So, I got my Iris all put together today and I have a couple of questions:

1. What is the reason for the poor fit of the props?  I though I was going to cut my finger on the motor trying to tighten the props down.  Is there an easier way? Also, I bought two sets of props and they are both very rough and look like they came out of an old mold. Should I contact 3D Robotics or just try to clean them up myself?

2. What is the purpose of the rubber cap on the top of the controller?

3. I have been flying a Phantom v1 without a gimbal over the last year and never had the jello that I experience with my Iris today utilizing the Tarot gimbal.  My props may be partially to blame but it was really bad.  Anyone with any ideas?

4. With the stock battery, I have a difficult time closing the door.  I am afraid that I might damage the power leads for the LEDs. 

5. Anyone have a good setup to add a monitor mount to the controller? I actually want to put a monitor and my tablet or phone on the controller.  Ideas, suggestions?


Thanks for letting the new guy ask a bunch of newbie questions!


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  • Has anyone found/designed any better/lighter legs other than the ones already linked in this tread? I was hoping in the intervening month there had been some progress made but I haven't found anything. Would it be crazy to saw off a small number of crossbars in the existing legs to lighten them up?


    Hey!  Glad you got the IRIS - I'll give my 2 cents.

    1. Did you use the 6mm fitted rings that came with the props to shim them?  They should fit really tight and not flop around.  In fact, the fit should be so tight that it is difficult to put them down to the motor for the first time.

    2. The rubber cap is just a cover because you aren't using the old collapsible antenna. 

    3. I keep hearing that people are experiencing "Jello" but that isn't my experience.  Here's a video - see if it's anything like what you are seeing.

    4. Those battery leads are pretty stiff, but I just shove them in making sure that the balance charge connector gets in there safely as well.  After a while, the battery connector wires sort of take the shape to fit inside the cover.

    5. Can't help there, I don't think the IRIS is a good FPV platform simply because of how much weight it is already carrying.  But I'm sure there are other people out there who might have some rigs set up.

    Hope that helps!

    • Nate,

      I ran across this.  There are several different styles and types.  You might also look into a transmitter tray that you could mount extra equipment to.  I would also eventually like to mount a tablet too, but I haven't had any good ideas just how to accomplish that yet.   

      Good luck!


    • Thanks Ken! I did use the 6mm fitted rings and they were dang tight... glad i didn't mess it up!

      Your video was great, no jello. Not so with mine.  I think i may have had the frame rate too low. Btw, your opening shot was of my old office building there in Bend.  I now live in Roseburg.

      Any leads on lighter weight gimbal friendly legs?


    • There is an article just before this one where these guys talk about 3D printing some lighter legs.  Also, I saw a video where a guy made some lighter legs from some plastic tubing.   It looks OK, but I really like the way these legs look.. it's just that they ARE heavy.  So, you worked up on the bluffs there eh?  Not many businesses in those buildings anymore - unfortunately.

    • I just came across this on

      Iris legs

      Now to find someone with a 3D printer to rent.

    • We 3D print at but those legs have no provisions for removal.  You can pop them on but you'll have to break them to get them off.

    • Yeah I saw that two legs weigh the same as a gopro... its like hauling three gopros around.  I worked for a cellular company called Edge Wireless back in the day.  As soon as your video started I was sure that it was my old office!

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