Landing drone flips over and will not turn off?

Landing RTL drone flips over ( stupid mole hill, or grass) and will not turn off. This happened to me on a landing a few times. The device will flip over and continues running, I cannot shut it off.  I use down to the left, no dice in any mode. It finally killed itself. Is there a way to program a death switch? The last time it ate up a pair of blades.

I have had this happen a few times, on 2 separate drones. 

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    • Whew...that makes me feel better, still learning ever day hehehe ;-)

      Thanks again, you guys are great!

  • I dunno, this seems like a really bad idea to me.

    I'd rather solve the problem of why you say your "copter starts drifting away and nothing stops it".  That should not happen, and we hunt down those bugs vigorously.  I can't even remember the last time we had something like that.  Do you have logs?

  • Just to be perfectly clear.  Kris's initial tip over was apparently caused by landing on a mole-hill or grass.

    After that, the problem was that the copter did not flip over completely.  It was only tilted at 45 degrees, or at least that's what the system thought.  So the crash detector will not fire at this angle.  If it did, copters would be falling out of the sky constantly.

    Then, due to extreme vibrations, presumably from the propellers striking the ground, the copter actually thought it was flying again.  The inertial system was messed up, which is unavailable with those vibration levels.  Then, there were attempts to disarm the copter while it was in Loiter mode while it thought it was flying.  The system will not disarm in auto modes while it thinks it is flying.  Again, if it did, then they would be falling out of the sky constantly.

    This is the balance that we are forced to make.

    The propllers could have been stopped very quickly by changing to stabilize mode and disarming.  It always accepts disarm commands in Stabilize and Acro modes.

    • Put in a threshold if under 1 meter, kill switch after x vibration threshold is detected. 

    • RTFM ?


  • Developer

    Rob Lefebvre is working on a kill switch feature that can be triggered from a ch7/ch8 switch.  That might make it into AC3.3.

    AC3.3 will also include a more sensitive landing check.  It's a bit of a balance because as we make the landing checks more sensitive we have to be extremely careful not to allow false-positives (i.e. disarm in the air) 'cuz nobody likes those!

    • 3.2.1 has real issues with it's landing checks, and I am having to revert to 3.1.5 which was working perfectly.

      This is on APM2.6 boards in production Hex's, that have been working fine on older FW, but having one in to work on I decided to update. Stupid me.

      It literally 'hunts' on touchdown, producing a bouncing action that may or may not touch the ground.

      Combine this with any lateral movement and we get a classic flip on landing.

      3.1.5 did not do this and planted itself nicely.

    • Hi Guys,

      Thumb up for Rob's project!

      If you look at what is happening on legislation you'll see clearly that we must have Kill Switch soon whether we want or not.

      Taking copter down by force is one method for avoiding collision with manned aircraft when all other options are not working. This is form Swiss legislation: "

      • In the event of loss of contact with the remote control device (data link or control link), functions must be activated automatically that ensure that the drone cannot endanger third parties either on the ground or in the air.
      • An analysis of the risks associated with the operation of the drone for other aircraft that could be in the vicinity
      • And also: 
        • In the event of a technical defect, the system must be able to prevent the drone from falling out of control and injuring or killing people.

      We are flying in same airspace with manned aircrafts and losing a drone is not a problem when collision with manned aircraft is avoided.

      Killswitch, ie "flight terminator" is mandatory today in Italy.

      I fly in area which is not so populated and has few small airfields around. It is very common that planes fly under minimum 150 meters altitude and I'll see risk of collision frequently.

      OpenTX offers possibility for two switch Flight terminator today (RC channel activates only when both switches are active). This assumes that Autopilot is functioning, receives commands and delivers proper instructions to motors.


  • Thank you Sir!


    You are not alone. I'm not at all convinced that its by design.

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