Looking for a simulator program for IRIS+

I have had my IRIS+ for a couple of months now. Had a few good crashes. I would like to use a simulator to get my skills honed before I make a serious mistake that totals my IRIS+. 

Anyone using a simulator that they would recommend? Really want one that I can use with the controller that came with the IRIS+


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  • Thanks for all the input. I am going to give the Phoenix a try. Already have the Hubsan, it is fun for sure. 

  • Park the Iris for a while. Buy a Hubsan x4..45.00 on ebay. I use these as a trainer. very durible and cheep to repair

  • The iris controller is basically a Flysky TH-9x with a 3dr transmitter module so Real flight 7 and clear view should work  if someone has written a flight data package for them. The only problem I can see is in order to use the training port with their adapter requires unplugging the the transmitter and I don't know if that can be done the way they have it wired in.


    • I use real flight mobile's dji phantom model using my old intelink controller...which I can use to fly my iris vis mission planner.
      I think you could rig the frsky controller to work over USB...i use the android version of RF mobile on my lenevo ThinkPad with NVIDIA tegra processor...works ok.
  • I used the free QuadcopterFX Simulator for my android tablet. While you can hook-up your TX, I just used the controls on the screen. Being free, it is limited. But this GREATLY helped me learn how to fly in normal stabilize mode, learning to control the quad and keep my bearings.

  • I use Phoenix R/C as well, and use the Iris+ controller with it.  Setup was quite easy.  They only include a few quadrotors, many single blade heli's and fixed wings.  Physics modeling is supposed to be top notch.  I've certainly found it helpful to reduce frequency of repairs.

  • Hello,

    I was using http://www.aerosimrc.com/en/home.htm, though flight dynamics in simulator is different from what you have in reality. I spent around 40 hours in simulator and can perfectly fly while in reality I have difficulties to control IRIS in stabilize mode.

    Another drawback is that it has just a few maps, the choice is not too great.

    Still I feel like simulator is useful.

    Thank you,

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  • Oh yeah P.S. Those little rubber bumpers fell off the long landing legs. Anyone know how to get new ones? 3DR wants me to buy a whole new long leg kit. I would rather have something like a flat disk on a swivel at the bottom of the legs. Something with a wider footprint. 

    • Vacuum tube caps from your local autoparts store. Exactly the same as the stock ones and about .20 cents each. 

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