Lost Telemetry

hi everyone, I am new to the group and the Iris+. I recently upgraded my firmware to the latest ver. Since then I have lost telemetry on the TX, but have full control otherwise. Is it possible to re-bind the radio to the Quad as a solution? Or does anyone have a better resolution. I appreciate the help. Thanks.

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  • thanks everyone for offering all this help. Being new to the Iris+ she has humbled me a bit with all this info. I just had very scary episode with after deciding to do a night time flight and lost control. She literally danced across the sky and took no response from the TX. As a last effort I shut the TX off hoping for at least an RTL and still no response. She finally came down but kinda hard...lost one leg and gimbal mount. Can anyone assist me in how to access the last log and in reading it to determine what the issue may have been? Please and thank you.

  • You can't have a faulty telemetry module as it's part of the radio receiver.  Data coming out of Telem2 port on the pixhawk is fed into the radio receiver and sent back to the radio where a cable on the back of the Transmitter is wired into the transmitter.

    Sometimes Telem2 does not start up.  You may have to try it a couple of times.

    Loading the IRIS+ params should have set the Telem2 port to FrSky D-Port so that it knows to send the data in that format.

    SERIAL2_PROTOCOL = 2 may not work as the website shows this to be 3 now.



  • Thank you Todd Harper for taking the time to post a detailed outline on a fix. Unfortunately it did not work. Unless there are other remedies...I feel I may have a faulty telem. Module. Let me know if there is anything else I could try.

    Best regards
    • Well, you need to reduce variables to solve this.

      First, do you get telemetry in the Tower app (or whatever GS you use)?

      Second, what do your logs show? (Post them here).
    • Erik are you able to read this log?..had a crash and trying to understand why. Thank you in advance.

      2015-04-18 23-34-42.log

  • Bernard,

        Your recent loss of telemetry info on the TX is a common issue after the most recent update.

    The firmware update isn't just for the IRIS+ it actually encompasses any vehicle that it can operate including the IRIS+. So when it updates you need to let it know what it is operating.

    You will need to go into Mission Planner and make some simple adjustments.

    Go to "Config/Tuning" then to "Full Param List" and on the right hand side you will see a dropdown box. Find the one labled "IRIS+ param" Click on it then go up to 'Write Params" and click on that. This will load the IRIS+ params into the IRIS+.


       Next go to "Initial Setup" then "Optional Hardware" and then "Battery Monitor"  Go to each of the 3 top dropdown boxes and change them to what you see in this picture. This will allow info about the IRIS+ main battery to be shown on the TX display.


    This should solve you telemetry info issue.

    If not please let us know.

    Todd H.

  • Post a log for a flight where you had this issue. Maybe even do a very short test flight, and post the log for that. Someone here (with more experience than me) will read the logs and be able to tell you a lot.

    Also, send an email to 3dr support. Or call them. They actually do respond and they are super helpful - though I imagine they are getting hammered with questions about the Solo right now.
  • How about telemetry to an Android phone/tablet running Tower (or Droidplanner)?

    (or to a PC/Mac running ground station software?)
  • This might help.....


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