Multistar 5200 batts

I picked up a few of these Multistar 5200 batteries.  Had an incident with the battery that came with my plus and lets just say im lucky i used a lipo bag.  

What are peoples experiences with these?  Im getting about 9 minutes with a gimbal, fatshark vtx, minimosd and fatshark camera.  Does anyone have any experience with both that can confirm this is normal or if these batteries are just crap?  Im getting about .7 to.9v in sag.

Im basically trying to determine whether a 3dr battery will add a significant increase in flight time.

Im overall unimpressed with this thing.  I ditched the self tightening props for 10x47s because of the power issue and its still a bit of a hog.  I needed something cheaper than another discovery pro for travel that didnt say DJI on the side and im starting to wish it did...

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    • After the first cycle. Took it to 50%. Charging at 1amp my charger started beeping telling me im fvcked and i grabbed the bag and it was toasty. Tossed it in the swimming pool.

      I ordered the multistars when i bought the iris. Dont get me wrong, it feels locked in and nothing beats bluetooth droidplAnner in the field but the flight time and power issues are really a disappointment.
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