need GPS locator device for IRIS

Ok, I'm looking for something that I can put on my 3dr IRIS that can send out a GPS signal or ping if I lose contact with it during the follow me function. I dont want to interfere with the compass or the on board GPS that the quadcopter uses for nav. I am going to start filming in at the Glamis sand dunes with action shots like this:

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  • Here's my setup now that I've glued the mount.



    Edit: on my iPad and this forum is different than I'm used to, the pics aren't showing correctly.
    • John, let me know how it works. The IRIS GPS is right below the cover so I am interested if the tracker will mess with it at all. Also you still have three minutes to edit your post if you want, lol.

    • I will, The tracker should be dormant until it it pinged for its location when lost or when outside its home boundaries, battery saving feature I think. I'll do some gps flying next week and test it out.
    • Tested it out for about 10 minutes today and it flew just fine. GPS locked as it normally does and there was no change even when I was actively pinging the tracker. Looks like this one is a winner. I like the iPhone app, it makes it really easy to find the tracker and even navigate to it using sat maps. Hitting the navigate button will open Google Maps for directions.

      The quick connect mount is great too so I only need the one tracker for multiple aircraft.
    • That is very good news! I will have to look further into this as a future project. I am getting ready for my 1st auto mission so I will worry less with something like this added on.

    • Yeah, I got serious about the tracker when I auto'd my IRIS into a tree. I had a mission loaded for a park about 10 miles away and went back to my house and accidentally switched the tx to auto and off it went. So make sure you have a critical action procedure for mistakes like that to quickly take the plane back if it does something unexpected. Mine is push both switches up and throttle up (or it'll drop when switching to stabilize from a "hover" mode).

      I'm loving my IRIS and it's a tough little guy too.
    • When I 1st got my IRIS the Compass/GPS was not calibrated & when I changed modes it shot to the ground & I learned the hard way on that one. I now at a moments notice am ready to throw it in stabilize mode to fly it out of a bad spot, lol.

  • I bought one of these,

    There is a small subscription fee but it's a pretty good system and works well. I haven't attached it to my IRIS yet but I'll probably glue the collar attachment to it for quick attach/detach. I'll get more attachments so I can just move the tagg to other copters as needed.
    •  has some GPS trackers that have had some good reviews. I am looking through those to see which one is light enough for this kind of application. I dont know if if will mess with the stock compass/gps though. Here are some of the items I am looking at:

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