orientation issues.. not sure how to describe it..

i been working a lot and finally had time to fly the IRIS+ , great lil copter.

but i am having a minor issue of how to change the orientation of how it flies.

it appears that it sticks with how i am positioned in flying..

yaw works ok,, forward and back , lift etc work ok, but if i move from where i am my controls seem to change from where i am..at one point i was 90 degrees from where i was standing, and my controls were 90 degrees off.. i go back to where i am and it is ok,,

basically the right stick controls most everything.. like moving a ball around in the air..

a 2yr old could fly it and not get out of control..  it is in some flight configuration that i read somewhere before and now i cannot find where this deal is to change it... ( like i said , hard to describe )

and 3DR does not answer the phones, after 15 min of horrible on-hold musik they tell you to leave a message..and maybe they might call back one day.. 3DR has gotten worse and worse about customer service or tech help.. my only hope is here.

the modes i saw before was a normal flight mode, and the other was the copter stayed in a north orientation from you.. and a 3rd was a mode i think it stays fixed on you no matter which way you fly it..yaw would make it turn but the orientation shifted to stay on you...

does anyone know what i am talking about ? and where in MP to change this or how to..

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  • Sounds like you put it in super simple mode somehow: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/simpleandsuper-simple-modes/

    • Look for something like this in mission planner:


    • Super simple I'm with @skyrover. I printed the entire copter sections from diy drones. That way I can make notes and remember what some of theses guys are teaching. What about board orientation in the advanced configure page? Hope it gets worked out.
    • hey thanks everyone,, that's what the issue was :o)

      i turned off the simple modes and now i can fly it normally now.

      i knew someone would know what i was talking about, but i just did not know how to explain it..

      thanks again...

  • The 3DR website has a nice, concise flight training page you need to read and heed Ray. I'd strongly suggest you get an instructor who can walk you through flight controls and remote pilotage of a flying machine.
    Most of us have been flying radio controlled planes for decades...and your question makes me think you are very new to this.
    3DR is prompt with tech support.... Yours is an operator question.
    • thanks, but i am not new to this,, i have flown for a long time, but this is in a configuration different from normal..
      i can maneuver around but the tail of the copter is always pointed twards me.
      if i rotate 180 degrees, then the nose is always pointed to me.
      (imagine your right hand turned to the left, fingers pointing to the left. now keep it that way and wipe your hand in a circle. that is same way sort of,, no matter your hand position i can still fly a plain circle or anything else,)
      it will not let it fly in a normal copter fashion.. it is a setting somewhere..
      like i said it is hard to explain when i do not know that it called that it is doing.
      but i remember seeing it somewhere before on how to correct it in a setting..

    • Try reloading the px4 firmware from the 3DR site. Almost sounds like the copter is in a form of guided mode
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