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Iatse 478 - action / stunt videographer / television / film drone pilot

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GOPRO hero 4 black- building my next cf hexX6. iris + -tarot 2d and fieyu G3- proto x nanos - spektrum dx 8 fatshark FPV - tv\film use - stunted - multi-angle dailies - custom platforms


New Orleans, La

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Mark Perot commented on Craig Elder's blog post Autopilot needs survey
"Can't wait to see results. Thanks for listening."
Feb 3, 2016
Mark Perot replied to Greg's discussion Yaw and gimbal control during mission? in Tower (Droidplanner)
"Ok. I think I know what your looking for. Start with a "do_set_yaw" command. Pay attention to + - orientation. Then you may also may need to set a "do_set_roi" cmnd at a given height to achieve your targets. Try one thing at a time to observe its…"
Jan 3, 2016
Mark Perot replied to Christoph's discussion Annoying yaw movements Iris+ - how to tune them away in IRIS
"This the fieyu tech G3. Works great.image.jpeg"
Oct 23, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Ray's discussion orientation issues.. not sure how to describe it.. in IRIS
"Super simple I'm with @skyrover. I printed the entire copter sections from diy drones. That way I can make notes and remember what some of theses guys are teaching. What about board orientation in the advanced configure page? Hope it gets worked out."
Oct 23, 2015
Mark Perot posted a discussion
In stab mode, I acquired a gps lock and I entered the auto trim mode. lifted my iris+ with gimbal and GoPro aboard to about 2-3 ft. About 3-4 seconds into hover it became hard to maintain a steady hover. It went to the top of my shop and would no…
Oct 17, 2015
Mark Perot commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Anti-drone tech jams GPS
"I'm not near as knowledgeable about most of this stuff as some of you. But I do know this sounds like a bad idea. It looks like it would present a laundry list of potential Unknowns. And what about range and collateral effect?"
Oct 17, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Tommy's discussion 3dr ground station in IRIS
"Just a note. Buy 3dr brand radio. I purchased a set of, a "knock off" variety. And noticed decreased distances. But I don't mind if it gets lost / thrashed/ etc... They both have their advantages."
Oct 17, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Jaewoong Jang's discussion I burned my FS-TH9X controller in IRIS
"@omer thanks. This was very helpful."
Oct 11, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Jaewoong Jang's discussion I burned my FS-TH9X controller in IRIS
"Thanks for posting this. I looked at it and it seems very doable. the more i look the more I see this issue. Good lesson on tagging/ labeling connections. Thanks also for everyone else sharing as well."
Oct 11, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Jaewoong Jang's discussion I burned my FS-TH9X controller in IRIS
"I'm sorry to have bad news. But i did the exact same thing a few months ago. Really stupid how I did it but that's another time. To answer your question. There is nothing you can do. I kept mine in case I can have it fixed but no luck yet. Sorry for…"
Oct 3, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Dale Greer's discussion Easy fix for Tarot T-2D Gimbal Jello - Stuff earplugs into the dampers in IRIS
"First. Thanks for your question and comments. I am not an expert yet but I have a idea on your problem fix here. I've been through numerous props. Cf and abs. And I find when I take the time to balance them properly it takes the jello out. As I've…"
Sep 12, 2015
Mark Perot posted a discussion
When I try to use the interface cable on my tarot gimbal my device mgr tells me it's not starting. ??? At wits end. Any help? Thanks
Sep 8, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Lance C's discussion Upgrade Stock battery charger in IRIS
"I have a dynamite dou. 2s-6s. x2 adjustable from 1-6 amps. Lipo and Fe. And fast chars no bal option too. I had mine about 6mos So far so good. Please let us know what you decided on?"
Jul 23, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Kevin Rhodes's discussion Source for carbon fiber props for Iris+ in IRIS
"Just received some off of amazon. Good price. Haven't checked balance on them even though they look lightly scuuffed on one side. 9443'i think. I ran CF props on my 350 -  quieter : no popping. May want to fine tune PIDs again. Should have 6mm…"
Jul 15, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Richard Jacobs's discussion First Crash - looking for input in IRIS
"Did the logs show the problems or cause of? So can I find all of my flights in my logs? I have dates and videos of my crashes I'd that would help me locate them in the files? Thanks for shedding some light with this thread. And for any help…"
Jul 15, 2015
Mark Perot replied to Jeff Willaford's discussion IRIS+ Gun shy Novice in IRIS
"I was gunshy too after a tunning debacle. Due diligence do diligence on and the tall grass thing too. And don't press OK if MP tells you values have changed dramatically. Check it out and then know wtf it does. Yes I am a dumba$$ but I'm learning…"
Jul 15, 2015