I burned my FS-TH9X controller

I might have connected the battery of the controller in a reverse way.

So immediately, 1-2 seconds later, I could smell burning smell and see white smoke.

After that, the controller didn't work. Couldn't power it on.

What should I do?

(1) Is there any way that I can fix the controller?

(2) Or can I send it to flysky and ask "paid-repair" ? or is there any company doing this repair?

(3) Or as a last resort, if I have to order a new controller, is it possilbe to replace only the controller without ordering IRIS+ as one set? (Because I heard it needs "pairing" between copter and controller.)

Thank you so much.

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  • Hi, I did the same and was able to fix it. You will need to buy few electronics components and to replace them. Also you will need to fix burned copper paths. Here is a thread about it in RCGroups, which helped me a lot. I got help there and posted what I did some long time ago. I still use my fixed Turnigy 9x. "Repair Your Fried Turnigy/Flysky/Eurgle 9x Radio (aka Reverse Polarity and You)": http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1415356

  • 3702107138?profile=originalI thnk you can buy the FS-TH 9X Motherboard and replace the burned one

  • Jaewoong,


    Good luck,

    Joe Homer 

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    • Thanks for posting this. I looked at it and it seems very doable. the more i look the more I see this issue. Good lesson on tagging/ labeling connections. Thanks also for everyone else sharing as well.
  • I'm sorry to have bad news. But i did the exact same thing a few months ago. Really stupid how I did it but that's another time. To answer your question. There is nothing you can do. I kept mine in case I can have it fixed but no luck yet. Sorry for your loss. Suck it up as learning an expensive lesson an order \ buy another, so you can fly. I know it hurts-  Gonna be about $225ish. I'm sure if you search you can get one discounted. Try the shops you've been dealing with. See if they have a demo that's laying around. They may need to make room for Christmas???? I lucked out and found a used  rtf pkg I was able to get for just a bit more than just a controller. So I jumped on it. Still kicking myself, though. AAARRRGGG! But I check every connnectuon, every time now. Could've been worse. 

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