3dr ground station

I lost my 3dr ground station from iris+. So, should i buy new 3dr ground station along and connect it to air station? or i need to buy both air and ground stations and change it in the iris+ guts?

Need a good answer because i'm a new in such questions....

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  • Just a note. Buy 3dr brand radio. I purchased a set of, a "knock off" variety. And noticed decreased distances. But I don't mind if it gets lost / thrashed/ etc... They both have their advantages.
  • Developer
    You only need one, and don't need to replace the one in the iris
    • Thank you very much, Bill Bonney.

    • You'll just have to go into Mission Planner, optional hardware, 3DR radio, and make sure both units have the same settings, so they can talk to one another.

  • I have an extra radio TX9 

    • I beg a pardon, maybe i called it wrong. I lost the antena with module that connects to smartphone.

      TX9 is the transmitter, am i right?

    • How about this?


    • They sell set, so i don't need a set. I need only the ground part.

    • Exactly... but 3DR really doesn't have their parts sales set up logically.  They should sell many items by the piece as well as a set, but they don't.  Similar to other parts offerings, you sometimes need to buy things in groupings to get what you need, along with stuff you don't need.  I wish they would take a close look through their parts department and fix these issues by offering some items like these radio components individually.

    • Just the antenna or the whole unit?

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