A few days ago I happened to update the iris using the PC software Windows MISSION PLANNER since that time can not display the consumption MAH battery or battery voltage in the rc (by pressing the DOWN key on the RC).

I need your help to reactivate this function. If I connect the phone (using the telemetri radio) with the tower app I can see the voltage on the phone, but not in the RC. I do not always carry the phone when I fly here because in Venezuela there are many thieves and bring the drone is enough danger.

Hoping one of you can help me.


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  • try this... go thru your "set up" in the mission planner.. go thru all the steps til you get to the power section of the set up..

    there is 3 settings tabs.. 1st one ask you what is the power source.. choose the pixhawk, and the 2nd one is the 4 in one ESC.

    the battery is the 5100.. then click the next... that should fix it..

    i had same problem and this solved it..

    good luck

  • I think this is what you are looking for: Note #3: set SERIAL2_PROTOCOL to "3" and reboot the board to enable FrSky telemetry like in previous versions.


          Buenas Freddy yo tambien soy de Venezuela y te entiendo. Due to this forum is in English I have to answer in English my the next video is about conect to diferent radios at same time with 2 Iris+ it explain that with the control issue don't have problem to fly but sometime with the >Telemetry maybe can match the same frequency so there explain you how to change that frequency in the process you can see how to change/reconect the radios telemetry I hope this help you. Juan Manuel Anaya Caracas Saludos 

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