Prototyping gone wrong.... Crash time

I have been doing some drone testing of some things and stuff I have been making. This is a moment from the Drone FPV and from the Glass unit. 

The drone lost a prototype leg in flight. Landing with 3 legs vs 4 is never a good choice, especially with a gimbal and a camera that will take the hit on the crash landing. Here is what it looks like from Glass: 


And what the drone saw: 



I have fixed and tested the design, it is now ready for anyone to have.

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  • Haha I enjoyed this, nice save!

    • Thank you Sir,

  • Absolutely wonderful save there. At first I was trying to figure out what you were trying to do. That curb was just the right height. "Perfect" landing in my book!

    • Thank you Sir! Had to think fast. 

  • Nice save. :)


    • Thank you Sir! Was a hard decision to make. 

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