• From my experience you should increase the overlap to 80% forwards and at least 70% to the sides, or greater if you can afford the time, to 80/80. Otherwise you risk ending up with holes in the mosaic, the longer you fly, the more chance the wind will change during the flight, or gusts of wind will alter the flight tracks. Increasing the forward overlap, costs you nothing if the camera can take an image quicker than the speed over ground, a camera that is capable of shooting one per second is enough. Remember that around one in ten images are blurred, or dark if the light levels keep changing, so having more images than you really need is the best way to produce a good mosaic.

    Good luck.

    • Yes I support this, also will try to change the orientation of the strips to the longer side, if the distance is less than 500-600 mts, i would also lower the speed of the Iris+ to get the overlapping at leas 70/70%

      Good luck

  • I recommend that you download Mission Planner, as you can put in the survey and camera type and measure your area.

    To calculate Im using the SX260 for mission planning. For 100 acres it would take 37mins total flight time.

    But this doesnt include how long the IRIS will fly with a heavier payload. So if you would assume that you only get 10 mins of flight time, thats 4 total flights. If you have 4 batteries it will just take 37 mins plus the amount of time it takes to change 4 batteries or so. 

    I included a picture of the inputs and what was outputted.

    A second question if I can hijack... if you make a 37 minute flight and you have to RTL 4 times, how do you get back to where you left off?

    • I've never flowN a survey mission.hoping to by the end if the month.

      4 grids makes sense; but I'm more wondering if you RTL'D in the middle of a mission, could you get the IRIS to continue at the last waypoint?
    • You can do that with the "Set WP" button in the "Actions" tab in Mission Planner's "Flight Data" view.

      Exemple :

      Start a mission -> RTL -> Change battery or whatever you need to do -> Restart mission -> Select the waypoint where you left off and click on the "Set WP" button.


    • Thanks for the reply... definitely what I needed to know.

      Now I just need to get comfortable with Mission Planner.. The UI isnt nearly as friendly as DronePlanner. 

    • Make 4 grids. 

      I average 13 mins a flight with camera attached. 

      Here's the actual job. I have 6 batteries.

      Is this right? 

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