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Having an issue where my Iris will return to launch about halfway into a Tower app mission. Once the Iris is launched and switched to AUTO, the thing takes off and lets me know that it's approaching the 2nd waypoint. Then I get a battery level notice and maybe a "Mode Auto" notification. But then, it says "Mode Return to Launch" and comes back to me. I know that once I set to Auto, I don't mess with any of the switches or buttons.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Ok... I think I've fixed this. I went into my Tower App, selected parameters and set the failsafe settings to "Continue in Auto Mode" from RTL when lost signal from transmitter for 5 sec. Weather not happy today, so I'll wait to test tomorrow. 

    Thanks for y'all help. 


    • Manny, there are several parameters that you should be familiar with and adjust when you embark on auto missions. The most important is the failsafe parameters. Check this link for starters  He has some valuable info for anyone setting up failsafes on the IRIS or any Pixhawk type board running Arducopter. Also, if you plan on going any distance, "Rally Points" are important.  Also, I would recommend setting parameters from Mission Planner to familiarize yourself with all available options, and only changing parameters via Tower when necessary.

  • Check GEO FENCE, you may be sending it too far with the mission, I had the same happen to me

  • Yes, the log will tell us what it was doing.  It could also be a fence breach where your way point was too far away from your home position.

    If it was a battery failsafe then it would have made a noise as it switched into RTL.  A fence breach does not cause this to happen.

    • Yes, I forgot to mention that I do get a lot of beeps from the controller just before it comes back. I'll check the logs. Thanks!

  • Probably you have your batt safe enable and low batt detected? Do you have the log?

    • Yes. I'll check it when I get home. I know that both batteries on Iris and controller are both at 90% or above when I start everything up. 

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