Rotors spin, but no takeoff

Just yesterday I noticed this problem and I'm not sure where to look, what to read, which log to download....

For some reason, I go to launch the drone as normal, it goes in to Arm mode, normal tones, propellers start up with holding the Down + Right, but it doesn't gain power enough to launch.

I've tried multiple batteries.

I've re-calibrated the transmitter, because it was as if it wasn't getting above half throttle, but this didn't change.

Any other tips I should try?  Where should I go and what should I read?


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  • Thanks for the video, I followed these instructions prior to test launching the Iris+.  Anything else I should try?

  • Just calibrate the ESCs. I've had the same problem several times. Just follow the directions in the video (Jimmy Oliver sent you a link). Your problem should go away. Just remember how to do it because it may happen again when you least expect it.

  • I recalibrated the transmitter, but there's a new twist to the plot.

    In Standard and Loiter mode, it won't power up enough to lift off, but if I switch to Auto mode, it will.  Luckily I had the props on outside but was holding the drone with one hand.  Once I switched to Auto mode, it would have taken off, and I'm not confident I would have seen it again.  I'm not sure what this means, why will it only lift off in Auto mode?

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