Scary Flight

Thanks everyone for offering all this help. Being new to the Iris+ she has humbled me a bit with all this info. I just had very scary episode with after deciding to do a night time flight and lost control. She literally danced across the sky and took no response from the TX. As a last effort I shut the TX off hoping for at least an RTL and still no response. She finally came down but kinda hard...lost one leg and gimbal mount. Can anyone assist me in how to read it to determine what the issue may have been? Please and thank you. 

Let me know if this is the right file

2015-04-19 00-56-34 28.log.gpx

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  • I dont think that is the right file. I get .bin and .txt files from my my iris when I fly. and tlog from my ground station.

    Maybe this link will help:

    • Thank you SkyRover...I attached the .txt file. There was not a .bin. Are you able to decipher?  

      2015-04-18 23-34-42.log
    • here are the errors, there were quite a few! And heres a list of what they all mean:


    • That was very helpful. I am no expert by no means in reading this, but it seems from what I believe the log is saying that I may have inadvertently flipped into auto mode which started the whole erratic behavior. I have never used or programmed anything for that mode. Flight Mode 3 is currently on "auto" should I change it to something safer such as stabilize? I don't plan on doing way points until I feel more comfortable with the Iris.

    • Hi Bernard,

          Since you are new to the IRIS+ its going to benefit you to read about it as much as possible before attempting any more flights. There is a wealth of knowledge here of which most will help to make you a better operator.

      For the time being I would suggest you leave all the toggle switches in there up/back position. This puts the IRIS+ in the most fully controllable mode.

      Here Colin Guinn of 3DR explains the various modes

      Lastly maybe hold off on the night flights until you get more comfortable with it. You will have a better time with your IRIS+ at night once you have a good handle of it during the day light hours.

      Todd H.

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