Several dozen IRIS+ flights. All working perfectly

Just wanted to do an introductory post.  I've been flying my IRIS+ for about 3 months after flying trainer quads for a few years and saving up.

In short, I love it.  I see a lot of posts here about issues with it.  I appreciate those because it helps everyone know what to look out for.  At the same time, I suspect the majority of customers are like me and have no issues  - in fact having a lot of fun - with the IRIS+ and I thought the forum could use a post saying so.  

Thanks all

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  • Hey Jason,

    I think your post is noteworthy.

    I have found the Iris/Iris+ to require considerably more investment of time to understand its inner workings properly.  But having said that, the Iris+ performs beautifully.  It is much more powerful and feature rich than my 350 QX.  And with its open architecture, I feel that I can configure it for any sort of flight environment.  So despite the hassles, I too am enjoying the Iris+.


    • Hi Mark

      Agreed that it takes a greater time investment, and - like you - I appreciate its ability to be configurable.  I feel like I can really DO things with it and I love that.  

      Before I got a "real" quad, I had my eyes wide open about the nature of the IRIS+ (and large quads in general).  I knew that I was getting away from the mall-bought quads and into a rich hobby that involves flying (of course), along with configuring, watching logs, building things and dreaming up new things.  Maybe one day I'll even be able to use my software development skills to give back to the community.. but that day is probably a long way off.  This sort of development is very very different than the video games, web startups and big companies I've worked on in the past.  That, too, is exciting.

      For now, though, I'm about to go out and fly.  I've got 2 charged batteries, an empty GoPro and the first mid-week really free day that I can remember.  Besides that, it's beautiful out and I'm lucky enough to live in a wide-open area so I can just walk out to the back yard and let er rip with no fear of causing any harm anyone or anything (other than the IRIS+ if I screw up.. always a possibility).

      Thanks for the reply


    • Well, I liked my first Iris+ sooo much, I bought a second one! 4 batteries, nexus 7 tablet. Got a GoPro "Hero" mounted on the front of one Iris+, and a GoPro3 Black on the Tarot gimble of the other. "Havin a ball"

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