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Software engineer for 20 years. RC car enthusiast, drone convert since 2011 (bot only micro RTF/BNF). Newbie in the serious drone space

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Learning from those that have come before me and hopefully to one day contribute some of my software skills back to the community.


Fort Worth

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Jason Yandell replied to Justin Ackermann's discussion Iris+ Random Crash In Flight - Lost In Water in IRIS
"If you're interested in selling your unreliable IRIS+, PM me.  You could recover some of your investment and I could use it for parts etc, even if I can't make it stable."
Apr 15, 2015
Jason Yandell replied to Erik Graham's discussion Free version of eCalc? in IRIS
"I'm not aware of any, but I'd be interested to find one.  For now I pay the money.  It's not a simple set of calculations they're doing and as a coder I appreciate the effort it took to make it .. even if the UI isn't as polished as we'd like.  FWIW…"
Apr 15, 2015
Jason Yandell replied to Jason Yandell's discussion Several dozen IRIS+ flights. All working perfectly in IRIS
"Hi Mark

Agreed that it takes a greater time investment, and - like you - I appreciate its ability to be configurable.  I feel like I can really DO things with it and I love that.  

Before I got a "real" quad, I had my eyes wide open about the…"
Apr 15, 2015
Jason Yandell posted a discussion in IRIS
Just wanted to do an introductory post.  I've been flying my IRIS+ for about 3 months after flying trainer quads for a few years and saving up.In short, I love it.  I see a lot of posts here about issues with it.  I appreciate those because it helps…
Apr 15, 2015