Smoking Motors on Iris rebuild - HELP

I took the guts out of a old Iris+ and put most of the parts on a 470mm frame. I have a Q-Brain 4 in 1 25A ESC going to cheerwing 920KV motors. During standard calibration the motors twitch and one of the motors smoked a tiny bit. This is with a 5200MAH battery 11.1 3s from HK.(green) The unit claimed it was flashed with B-Heli and all I needed to do was standard calibration. Help would be great, thanks.

PS. Wired the Power module 1.1 to the Q-Brain to bring power to Pixhawk.




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  • Bummer, no guesses, well, maybe just a bad motor? Do the others spin up OK? I'm watching. At 66, my eyes ain't too good, and I recently fried a few items $$$ by not noticing I had the polarity wrong. Funky smoke, seems to stay in the air for awhile, letting you know you made a boo boo.

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