Tarot gimbal malfunction

I took the UAV (3DR IRIS) for a flight yesterday, noticed several malfunctions on the gimbal. Here there is an edited video:


Notice the shaking and vibration starting and stopping at random times. Also when pointing the camera down it starts twitching strongly (2:59). The last flight I made with the gimbal was flawless. Only addition has been the gimbal adapter plate (printed from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:274349), but it fits like a glove and I don't see how it can affect the function of the gimbal. I checked the cable connections twice, they are in the right spot. At 3:47 I do a video at home and you can hear the vibrations and see more details. Any advice will be appreciated.

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  • Thank you for all your replies. After the update, the "Default Mode" went to "stick rate mode", so I changed it to "stick position mode" and now the channel 6 dial is working as usual. I noticed other changes:

     - The Roll Setting Angle Limit went from 24 to -24 to 44 to -44 in v1.5. Also, the Tilt Setting Angle Limit went to some extreme numbers too, so I changed it to Max: 0 to Min: -90. 

    At least the vibrations have seemed to stop for now. 

    • Yup, totally worked. Thanks!

    • Eric, I am having the exact same issues with the intermittent jello with firmware 1.3 and the subsequent problems with the settings in 1.5. Frustrating, but I'm happy to see your comment. On powering on the IRIS immediately following the firmware update (and after calibrating the camera) the camera now initializes by tilting from forward-facing to past 0 (straight down) and towards the back another -30, and channel 6 isn't working. Hopefully the stick position mode and Tilt Setting Angle Limit adjustments are what I need. I have a help request in to 3DR wondering if they have a parameters file I can load for the new gimbal firmware that  might make this all go away.

  • You may have already done this, but check the cable is not tight around the servo. I have had this happen to me before and found that when I flipped Iris on her back to put on GoPro you can rotate the housing too far and this winds the cable around the servo axis. This can happen when you fit the two small holding screws after taking GoPro on and off.

    I kinda wish fitting GoPro was done on the other side so that you can download the vdos without having to take GP off every time.

  • Hello Eric,

    On Update of the motor driver and the gimbal controller is something that can help.

    Current Version 1.5 adds some Bug-fixes for Vibration. If your Gimbal is not perfect balanced or in the settings of the motor driver is not set to use enough power to hold the balance you can get this vibrations.

    Changelog 1.5

    1. Solve or reduce the vibration of gimbal. 

    Link to Version 1.5: http://www.tarot-rc.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=14

    Video howto update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2WXguD2Ghs

    Video howto stop vibrations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwogodUlGAI

    Good luck

    • Thank you, I was able to update to v1.5. The vibrations stopped. However, now the channel 6 dial to control the axis rotation works partially, it moves it to the next angle but won't bring it back. It is one issue after another.

    • You update both firmware to 1.5? Motor Driver and Gimbal Controller?

      Pleass look at the following video and check which stick mode you are using.


      Don't forget to write the config to the flash...

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