Tarot gimbal problems

I'm having some trouble setting up the Tarot gimbal on my Iris (ordered both at the same time).  I set everything up according to these instructions:


Orange and brown wires are connected properly (I triple checked this) and the red lead is left off.

When I plug in the flight battery the gimbal (which has a GoPro Hero3+ Black attached to it) tilts 45 degrees to the right, shudders/ jitters for a few seconds, then slowly rolls downwards and keeps rolling until the motor cable wraps around the motor and then stops because the cable does not have any slack left.  The yellow LED is illuminated at first then the blue LED flashes while the gimbal is rolling.

The Iris is on a smooth level surface when I plug in the flight battery, and I'm not touching the transmitter at all.  Ch6 knob is turned completely counter clockwise when I plug in the flight battery.  Any ideas on what's going on here?  Thanks.

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    • I checked all the screws, nothing is loose.

    • are both your gimbal firmware and motor firmware up to date?

  • Try centering channel 6 first.
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