• I think this is it:

    Looks like the pins go straight in so you got a 50/50 chance at it.


    • I ordered several of those connectors from digikey.

      I could not find that little connector!


    • if those are the power wires for the motor the worse that happens is the motor turns backwards.  At that point you can either reverse the direction in the software, or swap any 2 of the three wires around and the motor will reverse directions.  Power wires are generally in singles or doubles, motor wires are triples, and the mpu sensors are generally 4 or more wired cables.  Look on the back of the board if it is the mpu sensor wire and see if you can find the silkscreen on it, and most of the mpu sensors run the same wire pattern so if you can find one diagram it should work for yours too.

    • Thanks for the link.

      50% chance at wiring a $230 device incorrectly, seems risky. There must be a way to determine which way they go?

    • Hi, I just have my IRIS disassembled, so I took short video of cable's connection.

      In fact, when you have camera facing to mounting plate, first front cable goes to first front pin on board.

      KR, Tomas

    • This is extremely helpful. Thank you

    • Tomas,  your video is private.  I wasn't able to load it.  Meantime, I posted some images for Richard (above).

    • Thanks, corrected .)

    • I switched to the DYS 3 axis gimbal but I still have my Tarot 2D. I could try to take some pictures or video along the length of that cable so you can figure out how they pin out. It will be awhile before I can get to it.
    • Erik,

      How yours DYS3 axis working. I fix my Tarot 2D after I change motor, suspension plate, and still have problem at tilt. It jittery at one point and and cannot adjust it. I will like to change to DYS 3axis. I know you have put up at last thread but I did not save it. If everything working fine with yours can you please email to me how it wiring and set up.


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