Problems with the 3DR Iris+

I purchased the Liveview for my Iris+ on Friday, installed it today.  Took it to the park to check it out and try it for the very first time.  I've been flying my Iris+ for several months now, so I am a decent pilot.

It was flying a little oversensitive but I was able to maintain control.  I took it for the first flight for around 5 minutes, landed it, changed the battery and flew again.  
The second flight is when it decided to either lose power or lose connection with my controller.  After about 3 minutes, the motors were spinning but it was dropping steadily, twitching as it fell. As I'm holding the throttle up as hard as I can hoping it's going to pull out of it at the last second, it landed hard on some rocks.
The GoPro Hero Black - Absolutely destroyed.
My Tarot 2D gimbal, messed up.
New Clover antenna, broken
Propellors - all chipped up
And to put salt in the wound, the 32GB Micro SD card was ruined, the video is not retrievable, the computer won't recognize the card.  I can't even get a cool "drone crash" clip out of it!
I've attached photos of the damage, and the log from the "successful" flight just prior (of course the disastrous flight wouldn't have uploaded a log!)
I'm hoping you can find what's wrong from this 1 log, and offer up some kind of explanation.  
I've just watched a $2,000 investment literally fall from the sky and shatter on the rocks.  
I've been filming with GoPro for years now, and not only is my brand new drone in pieces, but my GoPro Hero Black is absolutely destroyed.  So even if I walk away from the Drone scene, I have no GoPro to film my Mountain Biking and WakeSurf videos.  I'm disgusted at this loss tonight.  
I might just have to walk away from piloting and aerial photography after this.  I'm devastated.
I sent this in tonight to help@3drobotics.  I really doubt I'll receive any help from them.  Any suggestions?
EDIT:  I've located the ACTUAL log of the crash, and it is attached here.  Thanks for your help!

20150520_195856 (1).jpg



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    • Justin-  I just noticed you said the disastrous flight wouldn't have uploaded a file to Droneshare...mine did once I was kneeling beside it with my tablet in hand and "disconnected" from the unit.... the TLM and logs went into the Droneshare cloud slick as fresh owl shiit.

    • Since I'm new to obtaining the logs, I was assuming the only way to get it was from Droneshare after it was uploaded via the Tower or DroidPlanner app.  So I was thinking, of course it's not going to show the crash, the most vital log of all.

      Then I was informed I could connect directly to the drone via Mission Planner and get these logs.  There they were, every flight I had flown!

    • I;m not an expert on the logs and it is unfortunate that the power logging was disabled.

      According to the log you were in Stabilize mode the entire time and at the time of the "descent" the ThrOut value went to almost zero even though your ThrIn (input from your xmtr) did not go down.

      I can't explain that but I did notice that in the output to the ESC's from the Pixhawk that the signal to the channel 4 motor was completely maxed out which could be several things like excess payload, weak motor, weak ESC, etc. but that still doesn't explain why ThrOut would drop like a rock in stabilize mode unless it was some kind of 2.4 ghz error.

      Hopefully someone whom can get more out of the logs will take a look and chime in.


  • And.... when the exposed fragile GoPro gets completely demolished, leaving the footage on the MicroSD card non readable, does anybody have a decent program for retrieving such files?  I would really love to get the crash footage for more clues on what happened.

    The PC, windows 7 nor windows 8 won't recognize the card.  I may pop it into a Ubuntu machine to try it.

  • Does anybody have any good advice on how I should approach GoPro?  Any past experience?


    • If you can get a receipt of the original purchase, your homeowners insurance might cover it.

      Good luck.

    • Justin - the unit is expendable.... but its worth asking about their replacement policy. I use a Sony & a GoPro and keep buying "action cameras" because lets face it, they will get broken.

  • I need to apologize for presuming not to expect much from Customer Support.  I've been hearing great things about them.  I've just had terrible experiences with other companies, as they rely on some little failsafe to be their excuse.

    I was caught up in the moment of despair of watching one of my biggest investments come falling out of the sky and crashing, not in the grassy park where I was operating on, but managing to land on the railroad tracks!

    So I apologize for assuming the worst.  I appreciate the help from everybody here.  I'm brand new at extracting logs and data, so if there is anything else I can provide besides the attached log, will you please advise me how to do it?  There was a request to get the .bin, can those be uploaded here?  What does the .bin data offer that the log does not?  Just curious.

    Thanks everybody.

    Now... I just need to contact GoPro and see if they'll help a brutha out.  I'm a huge GoPro geek and now the shining pinacle of my GoPro investment is smashed.  I'd just go ahead and buy a new Hero4 Black, but I just spent my money on the Liveview, as of last Friday!

    Here are just a few of my GoPro accessories from last year, my collection has grown a bit since then.


    • Justin- the key is to fill out a problem ticket off the IRIS support web site.  It ain't fast, but they'll get to you.  It seems 3DR runs support out of their Otay Mesa facility in San Diego... right across the fence from the factory in Tijuana.  They have handled about 5 tickets from me alone, so I'm thinking you should get them looking into your crash.  Hang in there!

      A compass failure, (mine was a gyro) should NOT result in loss of control (bad components in the Pixhawk autopilot?).

      Keep in mind, 3DR wants to get good FAA review on the hardware & software safety of their they will work it. There are a LOT of us submitting waivers with FAA listing our 3DR flight hardware....

  • I did a quick auto review of the log you provided last night, it shows a compass failure, it might be something to look into.

    Test: Compass = FAIL - Large change in mag_field (103.69%)

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