TX controls reversed when switching modes Iris+

Did one test flight of my upgraded Iris/Iris+.  Before flying I recalibrated the ESC's and recalibrated the compass.  Took off in STD mode and flew for about 2 minutes making sure everything was working OK.  I then switched to Loiter and the controls suddenly reversed (yaw, roll and pitch), throttle was not reversed.  I switched back to STD (controls went back to normal) and landed.  Disarmed, rearmed, took off again in STD mode, switched to Loiter and the same thing happened again.  Switched back to STD and the controls were normal,  Next time, I took off in Loiter, flew around for about 1 minute (controls were normal), then switched to STD and the controls were reversed again.  Switched back to Loiter and landed.  Any clues on what's going on?  Here's the telemetry log.

2015-01-18 16-09-00.tlog

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  • That log only shows STD (Alt-Hold) for the hole fight at some plant.

    I would fire up Mission Planner and do the motor test to make sure motor 1 is 1 and so on.  You may have put the flat connector into the Pixhawk upside down which changes the order of the motors.

    Here is the doc page and yours should match the x quad. http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/motor-setup/


    Otherwise everything else looks good.




  • OK- I think this is the proper log:

    2015-01-18 16-22-58.zip

    • Nice try, but the logs are on the copter and should have bin extension.

      Connect a USB cable to the copter and run Mission Planner.  Connect.

      From the HUD screen there is a button labeled Data Flash Logs.  In there select download log.


    • OK- maybe this is it:

      2015-01-18 15-56-07.bin

  • Need the copter logs.  They will tell us what came in and went out.  If its the radio or the copter and what parameters were loaded.


    • OK- which log is that one (what extension)?

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