using Zenmous H3 3D on the Iris

I am buying a new Iris+ to replace my now diciest Phantom 2 V3. I have a brand new Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal and gopro hero 3+ that I was planing on putting on my phantom but now it needs to go on the Iris+ instead.

Has anyone had experience with this setup or know of a how to video?

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  • Richard,

        2 different playgrounds here.

    The Zenmuse was designed by DJI to specifically work with their system, (NAZA) so all the connections are proprietary. 

    The IRIS+ with the PixHawk is in essence an open book that allows the user to connect virtually any gimbal to it. 

    If you really want to connect the Zenmuse to the IRIS+ you are going to have to do some extensive modding in the area of power and controlability. The 2 pieces are not designed to speak to each other so even if you supply power and get the gimbal to level it self, that is most likely as far as you will go in terms of a simple "plug-n-play" scenario.

    Todd H.

    • Thanks Todd, Any suggestions other than the Tarot 2d for the cam? I can always sell the Zemuse

    • sells gimbals that are pre-configured and pre-tuned.

      I don't mean to be a shill for that website, but I got a DYS 3-axis from them and it was basically plug and play.  There are a lot of posts from other people trying to figure out how to configure and tune the DYS.  So that saved me a lot of hassle.  Having said that, they cost more.

      I don't think they sell the DYS anymore, but they have new one that people seem to like.  skim down to the bottom of this thread:

      I *think* the new gimbal people like is this one:

      Here are some things to look out for:

      Adapter plate:  For the DYS you can use the stock Iris+ adapter plate, but if you get a different brand research to make sure you get the right adapter plate for the Iris+.

      Dampeners:   Some people, including myself, prefer the Tarot black rubber dampers over the DYS dampers.  You might want to get a variety of dampers to test out yourself. 

      Speaking of dampners, you want a compression rather than a suspension set up.  The Phantoms use suspension and its not as good for reducing vibration.

    • DYS


      Quanum Q-2D & 3D

      Come to mind.

      I would do some research on those and you may come across a couple more. Each one has their own pros and cons so it's completely up to you.

      Todd H.

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